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Pirates Cove Mini Golf

Pirates Cove mini golf is a 12 hole mini golf course within the complex of Suffolk Academy. Designed and built by Academy owners Glen and Julie Moulds who have a passion for playing mini golf.


  1. You must only use our putter’s (rubber) and balls (low bounce)
  2. Adults only 18+
  3. You will be paired with another person for each round. The names will be drawn
  4. You must score each other’s card’s, you cannot score your own
  5. Maximum of 6 shots per hole
  6. Everyone starts from the designated tee at each hole.
  7. The players will toss a coin for who goes first
  8. After both players have played their first shot then the person furthest from the hole goes first, until the hole is finished
  9. You must ask your opponents permission to put in out of turn
  10. Once the ball is on the tee and the player addresses the ball for a shot, an air shot is classed as a shot played
  11. If the ball rests within a putter’s head from either the sides of the course or any obstacle then it may be replaced using the putter’s head without penalty. It cannot be moved closer to the hole
  12. If a ball leaves the course then a 1 penalty shot will be received and the ball should be placed back from where the original shot was taken
  13. Players should check each other’s scores after each hole.
  14. The person with the lowest score proceeds through to the next round.
  15. Should both players score the same then a single hole will be played to determine the winner. The hole will be decided by the course referee
  16. Be respectful of your opponent and others playing on the course. Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated
  17. The general rules for the course are displayed on the outside of the course and must be adhered to.
  18. Payment for the competition is upon entry and failure to show up at the correct time may result is a bye for your opponent and no refund will be issued
  19. The referee’s decisions are final
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